Four Busted Franchising Myths to Help You Get Past Your Last Roadblock

It’s often said that franchising allows you to go into business for yourself without ever being marooned by yourself. That’s as true today as it was thirty years ago.

Franchises provide franchisees with the autonomy and support to run their own business. Fortunately for those looking to become master of their own destiny, franchises get the ball rolling and provide instant brand recognition, as well as a customer base that would otherwise take much longer to establish.

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Four Franchising Myths to Surmount

In short, franchise businesses increase both your personal autonomy and chances for professional distinction by putting you in closer alignment with a brand and set of services with a proven track record. That said, if you want to take advantage of this growth opportunity, then you need to know some of the prevailing myths and steer clear.

• Franchises Aren’t Totally Supportive
This one’s a myth because franchise businesses offer all kinds of support to increase your personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment.

Franchises provide support prior to opening in the form of training, promotion and financing, and ongoing support later on that gives you greater economies of scale, managerial support, and access to larger national advertising markets.

• Franchising Strangles Creativity

That’s not entirely true since you will continue to bring your own ideas to the store and decide who stays, who goes, and who gets promoted. You’re the boss who calls most of the shots when it comes to regional marketing and promotional decisions.

A franchise is intended to extend rather than stifle your creativity since it’s only when the franchisee does well that the franchisor reaps the benefits.

• Franchises Are Just Plain Unaffordable

Our third myth touches on a very common misconception about franchise businesses—namely, that they’re simply out of financial reach for most people looking to bring more autonomy into their lives.

The bare bones reason that this one’s a myth is that you can get the ball rolling for well under six figures in most instances, and very often you can do so for just over five figures. Your franchise fee is a one-off expense, and royalties are surprisingly reasonable.

• Franchising Requires a Complete Lifestyle Overhaul

Usually not. Donning another professional hat and becoming a franchisee is unfortunately something that most people haven’t considered for themselves as a way of generating passive income and active independence.

Many franchises operate during traditional business hours and offer weekends off; this type of setup is becoming the norm in business-to-business franchising environments.

Franchising: Room for Growth

There are more than 3,000 different franchises operating today across 300 business categories. The net result from all of this activity is nearly twenty million jobs and more than $2 trillion ceaselessly stimulating the economy. A brand-new franchise business opens, on average, every eight minutes in the United States!

The takeaway is that you can segue corporate skills into franchising and keep your day job, all the while reaping the benefits of added autonomy and professional fulfillment. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this amazing franchising opportunity and become a franchisee of EmbroidMe today, visit our website!

Spotlight: Scott Foresta of EmbroidMe

Scott Foresta has been self-employed for the past twenty years, starting his first company at age twenty-three in the landscaping industry. After ten years, he decided that he wanted to do something more. When he learned of the opportunity to partner with an EmbroidMe franchise, he didn’t hesitate.

The EmbroidMe custom embroidery franchise found him when his parents asked him and his wife to be partners. He loved the idea of being able to work with his parents, and he took advantage of the opportunity. He learned a lot about the advertising specialties industry and met a lot of fascinating people along the way.
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A Great Opportunity to Build Relationships

According to Scott, one of the best parts of his job is helping people. Knowing that someone is going to call him tomorrow because of their past experience with EmbroidMe has built a relationship that his competitors can’t break. When his custom embroidery franchise can build great relationships with customers, it can be very valuable because not only does it build up trust with the company, but it also brings that customer in again and again to give patronage to the business.

The riskiest thing Scott Foresta had ever done is doing nothing. He gets mad at himself when looking back to find his laziness and procrastination keeping him from furthering himself in life. Hard work pays off. Talk to any successful person and ask them what they did to get where they are. He has a feeling that lack of planning, sitting on the sofa, or sleeping in late won’t make it on the list. To create a flourishing business, being proactive will be a great indicator in order to get there. A thriving custom embroidery franchise doesn’t just get that way overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

A Few Tidbits about Scott

When asked what he’d do if he won the lottery tomorrow, he answered that he’d continue to work at his EmbroidMe, which shows just how much dedication and drive Scott has. He said that there will be plenty of vacations, but everyone should be productive and contribute to the community they live in, no matter their status in society.

If he could have any car, he said that he’d be plenty happy with a new pickup truck. Of course, a Ferrari would be nice, but a car like that wouldn’t get his boat to the water or even take his family camping. He can do a lot more living in a truck versus a sports car.

To turn around a lousy day, he makes sure to focus on what he’s accomplished in life. His biggest success lies in his children. He doesn’t have to look far to discover someone having a worse day in him, so he tells himself to quit feeling sorry for himself and to suck it up to get on with life.

Building a Business

The best advice he’s received is, “Your business is either growing or getting smaller.” When it comes to a custom embroidery franchise like EmbroidMe, he makes sure to use that advice to his advantage and puts all his efforts into making his franchise grow rather than recede.

Is investing in an EmbroidMe franchise a good idea? As a $50 billion industry, EmbroidMe only continues to grow, and like Scott, you can invest in a franchise to take advantage of this incredible growth. To get more information about becoming a franchisee of EmbroidMe, request more information to get started on becoming a part of this custom embroidery franchise.

What You Need to Know About Starting a Franchise

Buying an embroidery franchise is a great opportunity for professionals seeking to expand their career through investing in their own business as a franchise owner with a few added benefits. Those with the potential are driven to run a business but want to invest their money in a company that is established, profitable, and branded. A strong brand is what makes any franchise great and is usually defined by their value and service to the customer. There are a few things to understand before venturing into an embroidery franchise.

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Embroidery Franchise Owners Don’t Need to Know About the Business Before Starting

The EmbroidMe franchise opportunity is an example of a thriving franchise that provides a business model for those who have experience in either one or both of these categories: Custom Apparel and/or Business Management. These two terms consist of many skills and areas of knowledge and experience within themselves. Custom apparel includes embroidery, screen printing, printed promotional products, graphic design, and similar services that use industry practices and tools. Business experience and skill includes management, marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, administration, and other tasks and roles.

Even though some experience is nice, it’s not required! Many franchise owners of EmbroidMe have invested in this embroidery franchise with little to no experience. If you are thinking of taking on the responsibility of running your own embroidery franchise, then look into EmbroidMe, which has locations throughout the United States and Australia.

Self-Evaluation is Critical

It’s important to personally assess yourself before getting involved in a franchise opportunity of any kind, particularly an embroidery franchise like EmbroidMe. Getting feedback from others is also a great way to get insight into your personality characteristics. Consultants, friends, your attorney, co-workers, or those whom you already do business with are good places to start, as they can provide honest evaluations of your character, skills, talent, and motivation for wanting to get involved in an embroidery franchise opportunity. Franchisees are motivated operators, working with a broader organization with its own standards and practices, in addition to their own business model, which is your model for success as a franchisee.

Buying Into the Franchise Model

Buying a franchise entails buying into a specific business model. CNBC guest columnist, Joel Libava, wrote that the franchise model has been called the greatest business model that was ever invented. Franchises are businesses that are replicated from the original business, which has evolved into a national brand and chain of independently run businesses. Investors in the brand are also business owners. Franchises are able to expand and share support this way.

An embroidery franchise is such an opportunity, one that includes cooperative marketing efforts and a proven strategy for success in the custom apparel industry. Think about all of the different business opportunities there are for high volume orders – you have businesses, K-12 schools, universities, and an array of other opportunities to be successful with this opportunity.

Financing the Business

An embroidery franchise, such as the EmbroidMe franchise opportunity, doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of the product or even owning a business. In fact, EmbroidMe franchise owners come from all different walks of life from those who have a lot of experience to others who have very little experience.

Financing a franchise can be a great opportunity for the right investor looking to expand and go out on their own with a great brand behind them, but a financial evaluation must be made. Talk with your banker and also request more information from EmbroidMe to determine if your financial strength meets the minimum qualifications that apply to owning and operating a local EmbroidMe franchise in your area. Request more information to see how you can get started on opening up an EmbroidMe franchise today!