EmbroidMe Morristown NJ Mentioned in Martha Stewart Weddings!

One of our own franchisees, George Zacieracha, who has been in the embroidery franchise business since May of 2003 received publicity in a magazine for one of his recent endeavors! This feat is definitely incredible, and with the passion and dedication that Zacieracha has shown toward the EmbroidMe business, we congratulate him for a job well done! In fact, this recent order of his was for a bride-to-be for tank tops for a bachelorette party with the slogan “Ride for the Bride.” This alone has been a great publicity opportunity for both Zacieracha and any referrals who are coming in because of this.

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Ride for the Bride

Zacieracha’s recent order with the slogan “Ride for the Bride” actually made its way as an article in Martha Stewart Weddings. This article featured the bride and her friends at a bachelorette party wearing these tank tops in a cycle class celebrating the bride which turned out to be a great marketing opportunity for EmbroidMe!

The article in Martha Stewart Weddings not only showed the shirts, but it also mentioned EmbroidMe and included a link to the Morristown EmbroidMe website! This resulted in great exposure for George and many referrals coming in from the link. We want to take a moment to say congratulations George! What a great way to get your embroidery franchise out there!

A Great Franchising Opportunity

Our embroidery franchise often gets good publicity, especially because our products are literally a way to market our company with anyone who sees them. Just like how George Zacieracha’s tank tops made it into Martha Stewart Weddings, when you open an EmbroidMe franchise, you too will be able to take advantage of publicity opportunities such as this one. Your embroidery franchise can hugely benefit in more ways than just one!

So what are you waiting for? As a top embroidery franchise, EmbroidMe is a great opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a well-known company with a great track record and an incredible business model.

To find out more about how you can open an embroidery franchise, contact us today to take that first initial step. This is such a great opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on!

EmbroidMe Bel Air Turns Tragedy into a Community United to Support Law Enforcement

Two Harford County deputies with a combined 46 years on the force lost their lives tragically responding to a call at a local Panera Bread. Their brave act has attracted the attention and support of those around the area, including EmbroidMe Bel Air. EmbroidMe Bel Air wanted to do something to respect the fallen officers and bring the community together.

They created the Harford Strong t-shirts with an initial 2000 produced and began to distribute them free to anyone in the community wanting to show their pride and their support for these fallen officers. EmbroidMe Bel Air was not prepared for the response and quickly ran out of these t-shirts and have now created an online store for those who would like to order them at a very low cost of $4.00 per shirt. They are currently at 4,000 shirts distributed and counting!

Harford Strong t-shirts

This loss is tragic for both these deputies’ families as well as the community. Their brave sacrifice has stirred the hearts of many people, and the respect and support shown has been expansive. Brave men like these risk their lives every single day, and it comes to great relief that so many people have shown their support for the lives lost. Just seeing that twice as many shirts have been produced as previously expected just comes to show how much pride this wonderful community has. To see how much support this has received is absolutely incredible! What a wonderful way to pay tribute EmbroidMe Bel Air!

For more information on EmbroidMe Bel Air’s community involvement or how you can help support these fallen deputies, follow them on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=embroidme%20bel%20air


5 Reasons Why Franchising with EmbroidMe is a Turnkey Investment

Efficiency and a proven business model make franchising a popular choice for many business investors. But once you’ve made the decision to get into franchising, you still need to choose the right vertical.

One promising market is the promotional products, screen printing, and embroidery industry. Local businesses around the country need personalized marketing materials to promote their products and services. That’s not going to change.

Identify the right location, and a turnkey investment in a leading screen printing franchise like EmbroidMe could help you turn a profit months. Check our our franchising website for more information on how to start an EmbroidMe franchise, or read on to find out why EmbroidMe may be the right franchise option choice for you.

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1. Strong Global Brand

One of the most important considerations when shopping around for a franchise in which to invest is the reputability of a particular brand. Franchises are recognized for their strengths in brand building with marketing strategy, identity, and resources built-in to provide a consistent message to consumers.

Our franchise offers a business-to-business (B2B) model, which provides consistent income and returning clients to your business. EmbroidMe is a strong brand in the screen printing franchise industry and our company has spread its reach around the world, leaving a footprint on many countries. Your franchise could be the next!

In fact, our brand is so strong globally that we’ve been able to open hundreds of locations throughout Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe.

2. Turnkey Business Model

EmbroidMe has a strong model behind its brand which is the second key ingredient to running a profitable franchise.

We provide a turnkey business model to ensure you can make your investment worthwhile as a screen printing franchise owner. Our model allows franchise owners to enter into trusted partnerships with other regional businesses.

This long-term relationship building strategy will help you to earn profits in ways that startups simply cannot, due to several barriers (including cost). From our humble beginnings through our position as a global leader in providing businesses with promotional products, printed goods, and apparel, we have staked our claim as number one in this niche market.

3. Long History and Experience in the Industry

A great thing about franchising is that you can skip the steps of developing and proving a concept from the ground up. EmbroidMe has done this work for you already, so all you need to do is focus on financing and running the business.

We’ve had more than a decade of screen printing franchise experience, starting with a printing company and building a worldwide brand along the way.

4. Recognized as a Leading Screen Printing Franchise

Several high-profile magazines and websites, including Entrepreneur and Franchise Times have recognized the power of the EmbroidMe franchise.

The business media has given EmbroidMe critical acclaim for its franchise efforts around the world, and the brand has been ranked well within the industry category.

5. Resources for Your Screen Printing Franchise

Our experts can help you get set up, find out if this business model is right for you, and see if your territory is available so you’re not competing with another nearby location.

Visit our franchising website to learn how to get started on opening an EmbroidMe franchise.

The Number One Embroidery Franchise

Are you looking to start your own embroidery, screen printing, design, or promotional products company to serve small and midsize businesses in your area?

EmbroidMe Awards Gala (20)

If you have the financing, time, and enthusiasm, (along with the necessary industry, trade, and business skills) you should consider investing in an EmbroidMe franchise. EmbroidMe consistently ranks as a top embroidery franchise by all the major franchise industry groups, as well as the business media.

top embroidery franchise

How We Became a Leading Franchise

Simple. We have perfected the art and science behind this business so you don’t have to. The turnkey business model, relatively low startup cost, and quick return on investment have allowed us to quickly grow our network of franchise owners.

Today, our top embroidery franchise has shown promise to owners all over the globe at hundreds of locations, but we started from humble beginnings.

Father-son entrepreneur team, Roy and Ray Titus, launched United Franchise Group in 1986; starting out with our sister company, Signarama, which is another top global brand.  The Titus family worked hard to take a working business model and expand it into a global one, one franchise at a time.

Through hard work and tedious research, EmbroidMe became its own entity and soon after, a top embroidery franchise in the industry. We have been ranked:

  • Number one in category by Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list in 2014 and 2015
  • In the Top 200 franchises in Franchise Times
  • Number 39 in the Franchise Direct Top 100

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re skilled in business, marketing, sales, graphic design, screen printing, promotional products, or the like, this may be an opportunity for you to put your years of experience, talent, and knowledge to good use and start a career as a business owner.

You don’t need to have any experience when opening a top embroidery franchise with us because we’ll teach you everything you need to know about opening an EmbroidMe.

If you’ve been considering an embroidery franchise, contact our franchising specialists or visit our franchise website to learn more and discuss financing options and the EmbroidMe franchise startup cost.

So Now What?

If you’re excited about this top embroidery franchise opportunity, start doing some research to see if franchising is right for you, what financing is available, and what territories are sufficient to grow a business in your region.

Franchising with us is an incredible opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else. Fill out our franchise application to learn more about how you can open your very own top embroidery franchise with EmbroidMe today!

EmbroidMe: Branding the Right Message

EmbroidMe has been a major player in the branding, marketing, and advertising game for more than 15 years.

The franchise’s profitability and status as one of the best franchise opportunities available is a testament to EmbroidMe’s ability to lead the way in the promotional products franchise industry. But why has EmbroidMe seen such profit?

Helping Businesses Hone the Right Message

Our business model consists of helping other businesses brand their message to grow their companies locally and regionally.

As a promotional products franchise, we’ve been able to help countless businesses take their message to the next level. Our roots actually began with sister company, Signarama in 1996, so our experience in branding, marketing, and advertising runs deep.

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Building Brands Locally

Though we have grown into a worldwide promotional products franchise, we’ve never forgotten about that first store in West Palm Beach; where we are currently headquartered.

We’ve also never lost our spirit of customer service. We help our local companies reach their target consumers with accurate precision and the right brand message.

Today, we’ve successfully replicated this business model in countless communities in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Our franchise consists of more than 1,000 stores in more than 50 countries around the world.

The EmbroidMe Franchise Investment

Owning a franchise can be an incredible investment opportunity, and our EmbroidMe brand sets itself apart with years of experience, a solid reputation, and a proven business model.

The EmbroidMe franchise is a wise investment for anyone that has exceptional business skills and knows a thing or two about one of the following:

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Screen printing
  • Promotional products
  • Management

But even if you don’t have any experience with one of the best franchise opportunities, we’ll teach you all you need to know about opening an EmbroidMe franchise.

The Brand that Helps Build Brands

Turn your marketing and advertising prowess into your own business with a turnkey franchise investment with EmbroidMe. There are several available locations just waiting to have your name on them.

If you already have plenty of good contacts in your community, such as business owners or executives, then this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you.

Starting from humble beginnings as a small family-owned business in West Palm Beach in 2000, EmbroidMe has only grown since then into a global franchise opportunity. The EmbroidMe franchise investment is one of just a few great franchising opportunities built upon years of hard work, research, and positive results and reputation.

Visit our franchising information website to learn more about one of the best franchising opportunities available through EmbroidMe.

Returning to Greensboro to Pursue Entrepreneurial Passions

Amanda Hodges has spent more than a decade working in the advertising and marketing industry for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Though even after all that time, she feels ready to move from Denver, Colorado back to her hometown area of Greensboro, North Carolina to pursue her dreams of furthering her business career with great franchising opportunities.

Entrepreneurship grows in the family, so Hodges said she always wanted to own her own business like her two brothers that own companies as well in the Greensboro area. She managed to make this dream a reality by purchasing a combined EmbroidMe & Signarama location in Greensboro, North Carolina located on Wendover Avenue.

franchising opportunities

A Proven Business Model to Make for a Thriving Business

Opening in a new location by purchasing an existing EmbroidMe/Signarama franchise location was a smart business move because not only was Hodges able to skip the usual pitfalls, but she was able to get started living her dream with these franchising opportunities right off the bat. Now she’s “looking forward to solidifying our niche in the local marketplace and becoming the leader in providing signs and customized branded items to both large and small businesses as well as individuals.”

Both EmbroidMe and Signarama are leaders in their industries which makes it so this has been a great opportunity for Hodges. With a proven business model already put in place with these franchising opportunities, as a franchisee, she was able to start reaping the benefits from that model immediately.

Positive Feedback from Following Her Dreams

The feedback that Hodges has received from the community has been very positive so far. According to Hodges, “As a woman business owner, I am positioned well to compete in the market. There are lots of small mom and pop sign and embroidery shops in the area. However, with the strength of the organization behind me, our operation is well positioned to gain market share quickly while delivering very competitive pricing to the community.”

At United Franchise Group, the corporate behind both EmbroidMe and Signararma, we provide a strong support network to each of our franchisees which sets their franchise up to hit the ground running as soon as the location opens up. Not only do we provide all the training necessary for our franchisees, but our proven business model puts these brands on top in the industry, giving them an immediate edge.

A Chance to Get Involved in the Community

When opening a franchise with either EmbroidMe or Signarama, a franchisee gets the opportunity to get involved in the community. For Hodges, she was already active in the community. She currently volunteers at the Veterans Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina at Ruffin Stacey Baptist Church. She is also a member of the Gulford Merchants Association. Franchising with our United Franchise Group Brands will give her even more chances to get involved in the community with these exciting franchise opportunities.

Hodges also plans to leverage her own experience in advertising and marketing to help grow her new company. “Both of these concepts fit perfectly with my existing experience,” said Hodges. “I am very excited to be a part of the local community and help small businesses here grow to their full potential through consulting with them in customized branding programs.”

Is franchising a good idea? Most definitely! The great thing about franchising is that you get to be a part of an already existing business. To learn more about how you too can take advantage of our incredible business model and get involved in the community, contact us today.