Four Busted Franchising Myths to Help You Get Past Your Last Roadblock

It’s often said that franchising allows you to go into business for yourself without ever being marooned by yourself. That’s as true today as it was thirty years ago.

Franchises provide franchisees with the autonomy and support to run their own business. Fortunately for those looking to become master of their own destiny, franchises get the ball rolling and provide instant brand recognition, as well as a customer base that would otherwise take much longer to establish.

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Four Franchising Myths to Surmount

In short, franchise businesses increase both your personal autonomy and chances for professional distinction by putting you in closer alignment with a brand and set of services with a proven track record. That said, if you want to take advantage of this growth opportunity, then you need to know some of the prevailing myths and steer clear.

• Franchises Aren’t Totally Supportive
This one’s a myth because franchise businesses offer all kinds of support to increase your personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment.

Franchises provide support prior to opening in the form of training, promotion and financing, and ongoing support later on that gives you greater economies of scale, managerial support, and access to larger national advertising markets.

• Franchising Strangles Creativity

That’s not entirely true since you will continue to bring your own ideas to the store and decide who stays, who goes, and who gets promoted. You’re the boss who calls most of the shots when it comes to regional marketing and promotional decisions.

A franchise is intended to extend rather than stifle your creativity since it’s only when the franchisee does well that the franchisor reaps the benefits.

• Franchises Are Just Plain Unaffordable

Our third myth touches on a very common misconception about franchise businesses—namely, that they’re simply out of financial reach for most people looking to bring more autonomy into their lives.

The bare bones reason that this one’s a myth is that you can get the ball rolling for well under six figures in most instances, and very often you can do so for just over five figures. Your franchise fee is a one-off expense, and royalties are surprisingly reasonable.

• Franchising Requires a Complete Lifestyle Overhaul

Usually not. Donning another professional hat and becoming a franchisee is unfortunately something that most people haven’t considered for themselves as a way of generating passive income and active independence.

Many franchises operate during traditional business hours and offer weekends off; this type of setup is becoming the norm in business-to-business franchising environments.

Franchising: Room for Growth

There are more than 3,000 different franchises operating today across 300 business categories. The net result from all of this activity is nearly twenty million jobs and more than $2 trillion ceaselessly stimulating the economy. A brand-new franchise business opens, on average, every eight minutes in the United States!

The takeaway is that you can segue corporate skills into franchising and keep your day job, all the while reaping the benefits of added autonomy and professional fulfillment. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this amazing franchising opportunity and become a franchisee of EmbroidMe today, visit our website!

EmbroidMe Morristown NJ Mentioned in Martha Stewart Weddings!

One of our own franchisees, George Zacieracha, who has been in the embroidery franchise business since May of 2003 received publicity in a magazine for one of his recent endeavors! This feat is definitely incredible, and with the passion and dedication that Zacieracha has shown toward the EmbroidMe business, we congratulate him for a job well done! In fact, this recent order of his was for a bride-to-be for tank tops for a bachelorette party with the slogan “Ride for the Bride.” This alone has been a great publicity opportunity for both Zacieracha and any referrals who are coming in because of this.

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Ride for the Bride

Zacieracha’s recent order with the slogan “Ride for the Bride” actually made its way as an article in Martha Stewart Weddings. This article featured the bride and her friends at a bachelorette party wearing these tank tops in a cycle class celebrating the bride which turned out to be a great marketing opportunity for EmbroidMe!

The article in Martha Stewart Weddings not only showed the shirts, but it also mentioned EmbroidMe and included a link to the Morristown EmbroidMe website! This resulted in great exposure for George and many referrals coming in from the link. We want to take a moment to say congratulations George! What a great way to get your embroidery franchise out there!

A Great Franchising Opportunity

Our embroidery franchise often gets good publicity, especially because our products are literally a way to market our company with anyone who sees them. Just like how George Zacieracha’s tank tops made it into Martha Stewart Weddings, when you open an EmbroidMe franchise, you too will be able to take advantage of publicity opportunities such as this one. Your embroidery franchise can hugely benefit in more ways than just one!

So what are you waiting for? As a top embroidery franchise, EmbroidMe is a great opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a well-known company with a great track record and an incredible business model.

To find out more about how you can open an embroidery franchise, contact us today to take that first initial step. This is such a great opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on!